Saturday, November 17, 2007

Why We Need More Spiritual Moms

Spiritual Mother –Old Concept, New Term
Spiritual moms or mothers are not a new concept, but only a new term. Spiritual moms have been functioning in the faith since Old Testament times. Today women are in ministry from the jungles of Brazil to the White House.

God’s designed the family because He knew that it takes both a Father and a Mother to raise healthy children. As it is in the physical world, so it is also in the spiritual. From the baptismal font to the commissioning ceremony requires a tremendous amount of time and love to produce productive souls for the Kingdom.

The Importance of Spiritual Moms
It is important to remember how incredibly important spiritual mothers are to the Body of Christ. If you look around, you will be amazed at how many jobs spiritual moms do. If you think back in your life, you might discover that there were spiritual moms who helped you along the spiritual path. You may even find that you have been a spiritual mom to others.

Spiritual dads and spiritual moms are co-laborers in soul vineyard.
Spiritual mothers have not been the subject of many books and sermons, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Sarah, Rachel, Naomi, Deborah, Elizabeth, Esther, Anna, Mary, and Lydia were all spiritual mothers to those around them. Hilda of Whitby, Lucretia Mott, Harriet Tubman, Corrie Ten Boom, Mother Theresa, and Catherine Marshall were spiritual mothers in modern history. And in the media world, Oprah, Dr. Laura, Delilah, are giving advice like Spiritual Moms to a world hungry for advice and direction.

Honor Your Father and Mother
The scriptures tell us to honor our father and our mother so that it may be well with us and that our days may be increased. As we honor our physical fathers and mothers, we should do the same for the spiritual fathers and mothers. This means more than a corsage on Mother’s Day and Christmas. It means both personally and publicly appreciating and celebrating the gifts, sacrifices and contributions of spiritual fathers and mothers. By acknowledging and honoring the Godly women in our lives, it encourages and challenges other men and women to grow and participate in the same manner for the glory of God.

Help the Orphans
There are spiritual orphans everywhere. I know because I was one. Fortunately, the Lord generously provided many spiritual mothers and fathers who have poured truth, scripture and love into my life. Children learn by imitating their parents, their peers and the adults around them. Paul tells his many spiritual children to “imitate him” in actions, attitudes and spiritual gifts. I have been fortunate to have many incredible spiritual mothers to imitate. Now, in turn, I am a spiritual mom and sharing the wealth of wisdom and understanding that they generously added to my life.

All Hands and Hearts on Deck
In times of war, everyone joins in the war effort, both at the battlefront and at home. In times of peace, the role of the soldier takes on the “professional” status maintaining peace and performing other delegated duties. In a spiritual, sense our world is at war. The “professionals only -- need apply” period is behind us; our nations, neighborhoods and families are in crisis and all hands and hearts are needed to “man and woman” the battle stations. In the spiritual realm, this means that from the pulpit to the classroom, from the boardroom to the grocery store, we all need to take part in the great commission.

It’s a big job and Father God wants you!

The Harvest is Waiting!
Salvation is only the first step into the kingdom. Accepting the Lord is like the first breath and cry of a newborn. After that is when the work really begins. If we are to bring in the harvest and raise men and women of faith that stand the test and are able to overcome the world, then we need more spiritual fathers and mothers. The harvest is waiting and the fields are ripe. We need everyone to help bring in the harvest of souls. The gifts, talents and energies of every man, woman, youth and child are needed to build the body, equip the saints and prepare this world for the kingdom that is coming.

So what is a Spiritual Mom?
She is love wrapped in a million different packages:
Smiles that touch the deepest parts,
Hugs that lift the heaviest burdens.
Truth that unravels confusion and wisdom that simplifies life.
A safe place to rest and place to unburden.

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